Final at 31th of August 2017 liberated !

Dear friends of Nothsearace!

Our Derbypigeons liberated this morning at 8:30am in Gardelegen distance 350 km.

Weather at liberation point:

sunny, partly cloudy, 16 degrees, light wind from Southwest, will change to north (=headwind)

Pigeons started with high speed in direction north.

Our driver talked about a perfect start.

Good luck to everybody! May the best pigeon win!

3rd HOT SPOT race Lützow 233 km on 14th. of August 2017 !


The 3rd. HOT SPOT was liberated 14th.of August in Lützow with a distance of 233 km

to the lofts on Sylt.

454 pigeons started their way home at 7:30am in sunny weather, 13 degrees and

no wind at Liberation Point. During their way home wind was coming up from different

directions, started with North/East  to East/South East.

But these difficult wind changes were no Problem for the birds:

With a velocity of 1359,252 m/min the winning pigeon arrived at the lofts:

At 10:22:33,62 “Brigitte” (06332-17-788) Team Germany/Girls United,

bred by Heiko Siekmann won 500,–€ prizemoney on Pos. 1!

Just 3m slower 2nd. prize for 07196-17-862 Team Germany Dr. Angela Targatz

was happy to win 300,–€!

On Pos.3 the southafrican bird ZA-17-47221 Team Namibia bred by Werner Waldow (150,–€ prizemoney)

Congratulation to the winners!

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2nd HOT SPOT race Struvenhütten 163 km on 7th of August!

The 2nd HOT SPOT race took place on 7th of August from Liberation
Point Struvenhütten, 163 km.
488 pigeons started at 07:15 am, lightly cloudy, 15 degrees, wind
None at liberation Point, but growed up from south/east.

The winning pigeon could be clocked already with a velocity of
1.495,447 m/min. at 09:04:08,61

1st winner 06803-17-464 SG Näder – Heinz (500,–€)
2nd winner 03200-17-680 Die Dekadenten 09:04:14,19 (300,–€)
3rd winner 05536-17-107 Team Germany Altmiks/Soudy 09:04:14,64 (150,–€)

Congratulation to the winners!

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1st. HOT SPOT from Rendsburg 110 km on 2nd. of august

IMG-20170802-WA0000IMG-20170802-WA0001On 2nd. of august at 08:15 530 pigeons were liberated from Rendsburg 110 km.

Weather at liberation point:

sunny, partly cloudy, light wind from South-West, 17 degrees

The pigeons started as one group immediately in direction Sylt.

Winner of the 1st. HOT SPOT:

  1. 09:44:32:32  PL-17-0262-11713   Greg Team, Poland  (500,–€)
  2. 09:44:35:13  05536-17-109            Hossein Soudy (300,–€)
  3. 09:44:38:35 00327-17-811             Team Sterkrade (150,–€)