Pigeontransport to Island Sylt ! (travelreport)

On friday 28th of April our car started to small city Schmelz/Saarland, near French border to meet Dagmar and Klaus Geraldy to pick up the pigeon Training Trailer, which should take our pigeons safe and comfortable first to Island Sylt,   later to Liberationpoints for Training and Price races.

Thank you Dagmar and Klaus Geraldy for Sponsoring this nice Trailer!

Geraldy Anhänger

At Annette and Heinz Missy in Käshofen near Bad Homburg we collected the first pigeons. After a great evening with friends the trip to Toni Deigner started early in the morning of 29.th of April.
Thank you Annette and Heinz for the great hospitality!


Thanks as well to Tonis preparation, so that the truck could leave early in time to the next stop direction Langgöns.
At Karl-Heinz Lang’s “Food shop for pigeons” the great Meeting of collectors for One-loft-races all over the world was celebrated: at this place “Romanians” were changed against “Netherlands” and “Germans” were changed against “Danish” and “Portugies”. Among all those People: Karl-Heinz himself – Monitoring everything!


Our Truck started again direction Dorsten and Waltrop to pick up pigeons at Werner Waldow and Bernd Wulhorst.
At Werners home a lot of pigeons already were waiting to travel to Island Sylt. Thankful to Werners great preparation the pigeons were basketed very quick and the car could start to the last stop for the day at Lücking in Löhne.

Time enough for the pigeons to eat and drink some fresh water.

The day before Sjaak Buwalda delivered the pigeons of the netherland and belgium participants, as well as a big number of parcels containing pigeons arrived last week. So all those hopeful Youngsters were basketed early in the morning of 30th of April starting for the last part of the trip. Dirk Sandeck in Müden and Olaf Gehrken in Lütjensee were the last stop before Niebüll leave dry land – to get the Car-Train to Island Sylt.


This was the last part of the Long trip from the south of Germany to high up to the North: the Train which took our truck to Island Sylt to the beautiful place “Gut Söl’ring” in Wennigstedt-Braderup.
A Little bit tired, a Little bit exhausted – but full of curiosity in the new home!


Good night – sleep well – see you tomorrow!


Pigeon delivery from 18th to 29th of April

Delivery of the pigeons:

– From 18th. to 29th. of April (personally or by courier)
Gerhard Lücking, Alter Salzweg 33, 32584 Löhne

– At 29th. of April 12:00 – 14:00
Karl-Heinz Lang, am Fauerbacher Rain 2, 35428 Langgöns

– Delivery directly at the lofts – Wennigstedt/Braderup Sylt, Terpwai 14b
from 1.05. to 06.05. (please announce by phone: 0049-174-369 4445)

For the Netherlands:
Het aanleveren van de duiven vindt plaats in de periode 24 tot en met 28 april :
• Sjaak Buwalda, Wytlansdykje 11, 8566 JG Nijemirdum
Je kunt dagelijks terecht van 10:00 – 12.00 uur en van 19.00 – 21.00 uur
Aanleveren uitsluitend na maken afspraak, bij voorkeur via email, of telefonisch 06 27106716

Pigeons will arrive at 30th. of April in the lofts on Island Sylt – Transport to Sylt is free of Charge.

Please note:
There are still some startplaces available – so do your Reservation now!
– by E-Mail luecking.nordseerennen@gmx.de – by phone: 0049-174-360 4445
– or use the online form on this Website.

Northsea Race Island Sylt under new Management!

Dear pigeon fanciers!

In 1987 the cairman of RV Sylt – Willi Ferchen – foundet the first One-loft-race in Europe – on a small, but very beautiful Island – the highest northern part of Germany – in the middle of the North sea:  SYLT.

In the beginning nobody believes in this extremely unusual idea, but after some time more and more pigeon fanciers were interessted to take part in this ambitious challenging race, to test their pigeons,  so that in very short time the race was booked out.

After 22 sucessful years Willi decided to stop his activities and the Northsea Race SYLT seems to be dead. But at least a Group of friends were interessted to awake the Northsea Race – on the top Jürgen Altmiks, who bought a wonderful ground to breed horses – Gut Söl’ring in Wennigstedt – where the space and all conditions were given to build new lofts and to organize a COME-BACK of the North Sea race.

The first season 2015 was organized by the Group of pigeon fanciers themselves.

For the 2nd. season 2016 they were lucky to oblige an outstanding, over long time national and international sucessful pigeon fancier: Gerhard Lücking for the loftmanagement and training of the pigeons. Although the lofts were not booked out with only 400 pigeons the race growed up to an absolutely great success:

393 km – 7 hours flighttime, strong headwind, race across the open sea – these conditions you can only find at the Northsea race SYLT !!

Under those conditions every pigeon must fight alone to come home early in time. Just 30% of basketed pigeons reached the lofts the first day. You may believe that the interess in this strong kind of pigeons is unbelievable all over the world!

After those 2 years of development, of high personally and financially engangement of the group of pigeons fanciers, they decided – as planed before – to give the Management to Gerhard Lücking.

We wish Gerhard Lücking “all the best and good luck” for the organization and implemantation of the Northsea race Island SYLT 2017!



Internationales Nordseerennen Insel Sylt

Terpwai 14b

25996 Sylt/Wennigstedt