Invitation of tenders 2015/2016


Participation in the OLR “International Nordseerennen Island Sylt 2016” requires a proper registration. The registration can only be done by a payment of the registration fee of 450, – € per pigeon.

Each participant can deliver for each 5 pigeons another pigeon for free. A following activation is not required.

In addition, we submit all participants of the „International North Sea Race Island Sylt 2015“ a loyalty offer. For 5 paid pigeons two more pigeons can be set for free instead of one. The prerequisite for this is a binding reservation (payment) until 31.12.2015.

After the transfer of the payment fee, you have to write a full notification to the following address:

  • by E-Mail to:

  • by post to:

BZV “Internationales Nordseerennen Insel Sylt”
Jürgen Dittmann
Baustr. 24
64372 Ober-Ramstadt
Tel.: 0175/9143840 oder 06154/3340

The registration must contain the following information:

Name, first name, Teamname (if different to above names), Street, postcode, city, country, Telephone number and email

Payments are requested on the trust account of the BVZ “Internationales Nordseerennen Insel Sylt”:

IBAN DE53426623200405107500


After receipt of payment and receipt of the written notification, each participant will receive a written confirmation.

Once the maximum capacity of 500 paid pigeons has been reached, the race is closed. The date on receipt of payment decisive.

Additional registrations will not be accepted.


The transportation of pigeons must be done in the period of 23 April to 2 May 2016, by personal delivery or by animal transport to any of the following collection points:

  • Toni Deigner, 64823 Groß-Umstadt, Otzbergstr. 15 (+49 172 6969417),
  • Werner A. Waldow, 46282 Dorsten, Gräwingheide 2 (+49 172 2626841),
  • Reinhard + Sebastian Rolff, 37688 Beverungen, Auf den Höfen 4 (+49 171 2142057) ,
  • Rainer Marien, 19386 Lutheran, Hauptstr. 45c (+49 162 8652524)
  • oder direkt am Taubenschlag in 25996 Wenningstedt-Braderup (+49 171 2142057).

A prior telephone appointment is necessary.

All delivered pigeons should be sent with their ringcards/proof of ownership and a detailed pedigree.

Pigeons must be at least 35 days of age and proof that they have been vaccinated against paramycovirus (Newcastle disease) at least 14 days prior to delivery

A corresponding duly completed and signed certificate of vaccination from a veterinarian must be accompanied by the original.

All pigeons must be healthy when delivered and originate from lofts where all birds are healthy and no infectious disease is imminent. The participant must ahide to these rules after registering. Once registerred and delivered the pigeons automatically become property of the organizer.

Training, Prize Race and Final Race

After the settling time and before the final race on Thursday the 01 September 2016, training tosses as well as prize races take place. Training tosses take place in July / August on a regular schedule according to the weather conditions

Prize Races

04.08.2016 Rendsburg 110 km

11.08.2016 Kaltenkirchen 158 km

18.08.2016 Zarrentin 227 km

Final Race

01.09.2016 Berlin/Nauen 391 km

Certified convoyer: Raiko Marien

The organization expressly reserves the right to modify the race plan.

If on the 1st of September the race is not possible the birds will be liberated at a later date when the weather conditions are more desirable.

Prizes 120.000 €

1. PrizeBMW Z4 or 30.000 €!

BMW Z4 or 30.000 €!
2. PrizeBMW 116i or 20.000 €!

BMW 116i or 20.000 €!
3. PrizeVW Polo or 10.000 €!

VW Polo or 10.000 €!
4. Prize7.000,-- €
5. Prize6.000,-- €
6. Prize5.000,-- €
7. Prize4.000,-- €
8. Prize3.000,-- €
9. Prize2.000,-- €
10. Prize1.000,-- €
11. - 20. Prize each700,-- €
21. - 40. Prize each500,-- €
41. - 60. Prize each250,-- €

Ace Pigeon

1. Prize2.500,-- €
2. Prize1.500,-- €
3. Prize750,-- €
The awards are given to the three best pigeons on the prize races and the final race.

The category is then to place results.. Result equality among to the Ace-points, which were won by the pigeon in all prize race as well as the final race.

Prizes 1. - 3. Prize Races each

1. Prize1.000,-- €
2. Prize500,-- €
3. Prize250,-- €

The races end when 25 percent of the awards were given, but no later than 1 week after the liberation. The cash prizes will be awarded independently thereof to the 60th place.

The prizes apply for 500 paid registered pigeons. If less pigeons are participating, the prize money will be adjusted in percentage.


All returned pigeons of the final race will be auctioned on an internet auction. From the auctioned prize pigeons the participant receives – after deducting auction expenses – 50% of the auction proceeds.


For lost pigeons, the registration fee will not be refunded.

Also no reserve pigeons can be delivered or participate. The organizer reserves the right to cancel all races. If the final race is canceled, the registration fee paid will be refunded, minus the costs already incurred. If other races canceled, there is no refund of the registration fees.

Final Determination

If any provision of this invitation of tender be or become invalid or should this tender contain a loophole, the validity of the invitation of tender shall remain unaffected.

The participant accepts the aforementioned terms with his registration and delivering of pigeons.

He expressly agrees that his data can be passed on to the successful bidder of the pigeon(s).

All terms are legally birding, the course of law is not possible

Advice and sponsorship

Dipl.-Ing. Architekt Jürgen Altmiks, Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter Indiwo-Bau, Sylt

Stephanie Petersen, Tierärztin, Sylt

Team Germany, vertreten durch Werner A. Waldow, Dorsten

Toni Deigner, langjähriger Organisator des Ostseefluges Usedom

Reinhard Rolff, Dachdeckerbetrieb, Beverungen-Amelunxen

Heinz Missy, Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter Missy Catering, Zweibrücken

Karl-Hermann Antrick, Steuerberater, Sylt


BZV “Internationales Nordseerennen Insel Sylt”

Terpwai 14b

25996 Wenningstedt/Braderup


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