First official Training across the sea on of July

Liberation Point: Schafflund (60 km)
Liberation time: 07:30
Weather condition at Liberation Point:
sunny, partly cloudy, light wind from south-west, 16 degrees

Pigeons started immediately in direction Sylt.
At 8:24;25,93 the first pigeon 09683-17-692 started for Team
Germany “Girls United” (bred by R. Marien) was clocked.
2nd pigeon 04323-17-28 owner Peter & Bianka Kocks (bred by
Team Mühling)
on Pos. 3 pigeon PL-17-0262-11713 bred by Greg Team Poland.

In 1 Minute 45 pigeons were clocked, in 2 minutes 92 pigeons.
In 5 minutes 150 pigeons.
Until 9am 506 pigeons were back in the lofts.
Until 5:08pm 536 pigeons were back.

Following pigeons were not basketed because of an injury:
08922-17-142, 0441-17-130, 01882-17-1321 and RO-17-5092654

At all an amazing Performance of the pigeons for the 1st time
across the open sea!

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