2nd HOT SPOT race Struvenhütten 163 km on 7th of August!

The 2nd HOT SPOT race took place on 7th of August from Liberation
Point Struvenhütten, 163 km.
488 pigeons started at 07:15 am, lightly cloudy, 15 degrees, wind
None at liberation Point, but growed up from south/east.

The winning pigeon could be clocked already with a velocity of
1.495,447 m/min. at 09:04:08,61

1st winner 06803-17-464 SG Näder – Heinz (500,–€)
2nd winner 03200-17-680 Die Dekadenten 09:04:14,19 (300,–€)
3rd winner 05536-17-107 Team Germany Altmiks/Soudy 09:04:14,64 (150,–€)

Congratulation to the winners!

Updated loftlist 08.08.17 online – menuoption: participants

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