3rd HOT SPOT race Lützow 233 km on 14th. of August 2017 !


The 3rd. HOT SPOT was liberated 14th.of August in Lützow with a distance of 233 km

to the lofts on Sylt.

454 pigeons started their way home at 7:30am in sunny weather, 13 degrees and

no wind at Liberation Point. During their way home wind was coming up from different

directions, started with North/East  to East/South East.

But these difficult wind changes were no Problem for the birds:

With a velocity of 1359,252 m/min the winning pigeon arrived at the lofts:

At 10:22:33,62 “Brigitte” (06332-17-788) Team Germany/Girls United,

bred by Heiko Siekmann won 500,–€ prizemoney on Pos. 1!

Just 3m slower 2nd. prize for 07196-17-862 Team Germany Dr. Angela Targatz

was happy to win 300,–€!

On Pos.3 the southafrican bird ZA-17-47221 Team Namibia bred by Werner Waldow (150,–€ prizemoney)

Congratulation to the winners!

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