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Gut Sölring, Wenningstedt-Braderup/Sylt, Germany
Gut Sölring, Wenningstedt-Braderup/Sylt, Germany

After an absence of 6 years the oldest and most traditional German one loft race, finally returns back to the north sea island of Sylt. In 1988 it was Willi Ferchen, chairman of the Sylt racing federation, who was inspired by a one loft race in Bangkok/Thailand, who created and founded the first International One Loft Race and personally took charge of the organization and management of the race. Even if the beginning proved to be difficult, the race itself eventually developed into the most popular and well known One Loft Race in Germany, without turning into a mass event.

The demands on the pigeons negotiating the race were high due to Sylt´s geographical position in the North Sea, where mainly strong North-West-Winds prevail. A climate ideally suited for British cross channel birds.
In the mean time there are a lot of one loft races in Germany, Europe, Asia and in South Africa. The members of the pigeon club “Internationales Nordseerennen Insel Sylt” participate in dozens of one loft races all over the world.

The special flair and atmosphere on the Island of Sylt, plus the unique challenge for the pigeons competing, were the reason the decision was made to revive the International North Sea Race on the Island of Sylt.
On the country estate of Sölring in Weninnigstedt-Braderup a modern new racing loft is being constructed, it features specially designed young bird perches by Hermes, Habru aviaries and traps and the most modern Tipes ETS timing system available.

As the loft manager and caretaker we have employed an experienced fancier who train and race the birds on a full time basis. It is a well known fact that keeping pigeons that original from more than 150 different environments healthy is a major problem in one loft pigeon racing.
We have the advantage that a veterinary surgeon, Stephanie Peterson, has her veterinary practice ideally situated on the estate of Gut Sölring, who will make sure that the pigeon are medicinally well cared for.

The organizers of the International North Sea Race would like to continue the tradition of one loft races in 2015 on the Island of Sylt. It is indeed a great task and we would be pleased to welcome lots of pigeon fanciers and their families on the Island of Sylt for the final race on the 3rd of September 2015.