Newsletter No. 3 on 11th. of July 2017

Only 51 days left before final!!
Invitation for the finalrace

Dear Participants, dear friends and guests!

This 3rd. Newsletter should inform you about the program of the
basketing day, final day and winner Party.

– Wednesday, of August beginning 3pm
we invite you to participate the basketing of the pigeons at
the lofts in 25669 Wennigstedt/Braderup Sylt, Terpwai 14b
Cold Drinks will be served and a grillbarbeque offered!

finish: ? …. nobody knows…

– Thursday, 31th of August from 11am
we meet at the lofts and wait for the pigeons. Who sended
the winning pigeon and will take the 1st.price Money of 15.000 €uro
home? Who will be happy and take one of the other
attractive Money Prices home?
Of course the bar is open, grilled meat and sausages will be offered,
Coffee and the famous cake from Kupferkanne/Sylt as well.

finish: ? …. nobody knows ….

– friday, 01st. of September we meet at 6pm
in “Fish Huis” in Westerland, Strandstrasse 10
7pm “Winner Dinner”
ca. 9pm winner ceremony

finish: ? …. nobody knows ….

We will be happy to welcome all participants, friends and guests
to join the final on Island Sylt!
For organization and planning the “winner dinner” please
confirm your attendance record until 10th of August.