Newsletter No. 4 after 1st. HOT SPOT at 03.8.2017

Dear friends,

Today you receive the 4th. newsletter – one day after 1st. HOT SPOT

Our pigeons solved the inofficial training tosses across the open sea from Schafflund

in great mania (some people thought: that might be too easy….) – but the plan of the

trainer is to give trust and security to the young pigeons for preparation of the

great FINAL on 31th. of August!

On that way we started the pigeons for the 1st. HOT SPOT (1 day later as planned,

because of thunderstorms at liberation point and heavy rain on island SYLT)

On 2nd. of August the pigeons were liberated from Rendsburg 110 km

530 pigeons were basketed (4 pigeons missed basketing because of an injury-

which ones we will let you know in the next loft list)

Most of you could follow the arrival on TIPES live:

At 09:44:32:32 the winner of 1st. HOT SPOT was clocked:

Pos.1 and winner of 500,–€  Greg Team, Poland

Pos.2 and winner of 300,–€ Hossein Soudy

Pos.3 and winner of 150,–€ Team Sterkrade (Karl-Heinz Jäger, Oberhausen)

Congratulation to the winners!

Congratulation as well to the following pigeons of:

4. Team Lenni, 5. Dr. Heinz-Eckhard Schwidde 6. Team Germany Bibi Stefanescu,

7. Team Germany Altmiks/Soudy, 8. Robert Kolossa, 9. Johannes Rimmele (pigeons

of his team arrived at Pos. 18, 22, 29 and 95) and Pos. 10 the chinese pigeon of

ZG Helios Yu Tao/Hübner/Gehrken

Until 11:00 406 pigeons entered the lofts. Until tonight 484 pigeons are back.

We will close the race tomorrow and publish results on our website.

The next HOT SPOT from Bad Segeberg 165 km is planned for next week Wednesday or

Thursday (depend on weather situation)

We will let you know when basketing is finished in the WhatsApp group.

Good luck to everyone!


For the final we already recieved a lot of registrations for the winner dinner.

We like to remind you about the deadline 06. August to confirm if you will take


We will be happy, if we can meet you personally – see you: on island SYLT !