Newsletter No. 5 23th. of August 2017

Hi friends,

today you receive our 5th. Newsletter – the last one before final!

We organized 3 HOT SPOR races as preparation for the great final:

1st. HOT SPOT  Rendsburg 110 km on 2nd. of august

2nd. HOT SPOT Struvenhütten 163 km on 7th. of August

3rd. HOT SPOT Lützow 233 km on 14th. of August

All of you could follow the Arrival of the pigeons under TIPES live. Because of the perfect condition of the pigeons they performed the demanding way home to the lofts – the last part across the open sea –  in great manor.

It was a pleasure to train these high Quality pigeons year 2017!

Before final on 31th. of August we won’t organize more Training races. On Island the distance might be too short and the risk to loose some pigeons during Training from dryland is too high – that won’t be fair to the participants.

The pigeons themselves are Training every day all over the Island; they were seen in the North, as well is the south.

As there where some late pigeons after the last HOT SPOT coming home we will publish a new loftlist shortly. This list will be shown under “basketing” so we will have possibilty to touch each one for checking of injurys and health as well.

Preparations for final are going on. We welcome you again to join us for the basketing day before final and great final day.

We remind you to send Pedigree and identity Card soon as possible, otherwise we can not pay out prize- or auctionmoney.


We hope to see you soon – and good luck for the final!