Newsletter No1 on 6th of June 2017

Dear participants, dear friends !

Today you received the 1st. Newsletter of Northsea Race Island Sylt.

Think most of you noticed already the travelreport about the Transportation of
the pigeons to Island Sylt here on our Website. All pigeons arrived safe!

Lot of work for Administration and Registration of the pigeons is finished.
You may check about your own Information at menueoption:
Results > TIPES live registered fanciers
and – if there are mistakes please let us know – we can update until begin of
Training races.

During Quarantine the pigeons received again injections against Paramyxo and
Paratyphus. Here we noticed that those Young birds which already got a good
preparation at home – before leaving their birthlofts – had it much easier
to win the fight against all new Virus and bacteries.

After Quarantine has finished the birds now enjoy the fresh air outside of the
lofts; the first ones started already to fly arround and check out the sky
above the beautiful ground of “Gut Söl’ring”.
Soon as all pigeons will start to circle arround the lofts, we will arrange
short Training races on the Island to accustom them for the basket.
More informations about the Training will follow later.

We are sorry to announce, that a very small number of fanciers did’nt pay the
entry fee for their pigeons. We would not publish the names, but those fanciers
are asked to pay immediately!


We will publish some more Images and Videos of the pigeons on our Website –
please check sometimes!

Good luck to all participants!